Lead management minus the pain...

Everyone knows that managing leads is something that needs to be done but usually gets put off because it can seem so agonizing to organize. You know, like a pesky trip to the dentist.


A Pain-Free Work Session

While there’s no denying that managing leads can be painful, it’s one of those ‘necessary evils’ that still needs to be done. Let us help take some of the agony out of the process for you with our free work session to help organize your information so you can maximize your outreach to architects, installers and contractors.

Diagnostic in Three Easy Steps

Schedule your complimentary ‘exam’ with Pipitone Group, and we will lead a work session with your team that will include:

  1. A thorough exploration of: what sort of data you have; where you get your data; how you grow your data; how you communicate with your contracts; and what you may be missing.
  2. A detailed analysis on our findings about your database.
  3. A comprehensive recommendation on how you can make managing your data more effective.

For more than 25 years, Pipitone Group has delivered outstanding marketing strategy and creative to clients in the architectural building products industry. Our expertise is based on a keen understanding of how products move from specification to installation, and the relationships among architects, contractors, owners and developers. Our ExceleRATE lead management solution helps you organize and maximize your database for outreach to qualified leads.